Sä Dena Hes Mine, Teck | Watson Lake, Yukon | Photo by Martin Gebauer


Work in the mining sector has consisted of two primary subsectors: 1) wildlife studies to support ecological risk assessments of abandoned mines in BC; and 2) mine developments in BC and Nunavut. For mine developments, scope of work has consisted of baseline inventory, impact assessment, management plan development, and long-term wildlife monitoring. Habitat mapping and ecological land classification have also been key components of most mining projects.


  • Kiggavik Uranium Project Terrestrial Baseline and EIA
  • Meadowbank Gold Project Environmental Coordinator
  • Meadowbank Gold Project Terrestrial Baseline, EIA and Monitoring
  • Pinchi Lake Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Highland Valley Copper Wildlife and Riparian Habitat Assessment
  • Port McNeil Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Tulsequah Chief Mine Access Management
  • Polaris Minerals Aggregate Mine Wildlife Assessment

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