Serpentine Creek Hydro Project, Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. | Blue River, BC | Photo by Martin Gebauer


Numerous run-of-the-river hydro development projects have been a significant component of work in recent years. Projects have been located throughout British Columbia, but primarily in the Squamish, Lillooet, Fraser, Columbia, and North Thompson watersheds. Scope of work has included impact assessment, wildlife inventory, habitat mapping, species at risk assessment, breeding bird nest surveys, mitigation planning, and Harlequin Duck monitoring.


  • Serpentine, Dominion, Hellroar and Gum Creeks Hydro Projects EIAs
  • Pat Creek and Soards Creek Hydro Projects EIAs
  • Mamquam Power Generation EIA
  • Crazy Creek and English Creek Hydro Projects, EIA
  • Tamihi, Berkey and Hunter Creeks Hydro Projects Wildlife Assessments
  • Upper Lillooet, North and Boulder Creeks Hydro Projects Environmental Assessments
  • Bridge River System First Nations Compensation

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