Meadowbank Gold Mine, Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd. | Baker Lake, Nunavut | Photo by Martin Gebauer

Federal and Provincial Government

Most recent work with provincial and federal governments has involved completing status reports and recovery strategies for rare and endangered species in British Columbia and providing expert advice on proposed transportation infrastructure projects. Canadian Wildlife Service management plans provided guidance for a five-year period for various species group under federal jurisdiction.


  • Northern Pintail Habitat Review
  • Tsawwassen First Nation Pacific Water Shrew Inventory
  • Lower Mainland Correctional Facilities Species at Risk Inventories
  • British Columbia Great Blue Heron Status Report
  • British Columbia Double-crested Cormorant Status Report
  • White-headed Woodpecker and Sage Thrasher Recovery Strategies
  • Canadian Wildlife Service Waterbird, Shorebird, Landbird, Seabird, Waterfowl Conservation Plans
  • Burrowing Owl Recovery Action Plan
  • South Fraser Perimeter Road Environmental Review
  • Port Mann Highway 1 Environmental Review

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